Say Hello

Want my autograph, but you’re too shy to ask? Well I’m telling you, it’s okay. Just let me know in the comments below.


2 thoughts on “Say Hello

  1. Hey. It’s @colinroberts. I’m mega clever. I first looked at the schools website (searching the school’s name in Korean), came up with nothing; looked around on FB, found nothing; looked again at the schools website, found “steven’s corner” the last post on which was in 2011; delved deeper into Google results for the English name, found an article you wrote for KOREA magazine, found your twitter. Email me and we can chat more. I don’t really use twitter too much anymore. I think this FB-based comment should have my email.

    1. Ok, maybe this one will work? I’ve been teaching in my little rural town for a little over a year now, and I’m super interested to know the details of what other schools are like. It would be awesome if we could chat for a bit about what things have been like at your school. I’m not as good of a writer as you, but I’m planning on doing some sort of analysis or article or whatever about education or the realities of school here or something (you can tell it’s still in the early works) before I leave.

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